22. November 2021


The Technical Competence Centre (TCC) of WINTER & COMPANY plays an essential role in new developments. The WRUP-CYCLED collections are subjected to various tests. Find out how the new materials perform here.

The Responsible for the Technical Competence Centre, Yannick Lanz, spends a large part of his day with measurements. He tests, for example, the materials' light and rub fastness, tensile strength, elasticity, tear resistance and folding endurance. These tests ensure that the quality of new developments meets customer requirements. «Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we can quickly compare different products,» says Yannick Lanz. «Our measurements confirm that all WRUP-CYCLED products meet high quality expectations despite their recycled content.»

Yannick Lanz, Responsible for the Technical Competence Centre in front of the device that tests the tensile strength and elasticity of paper according to the ISO 1974-1 standard

Using recycled fibres can sometimes have a negative effect on the properties of the materials. Recycled papers usually tear quickly because the fibres used for them are too short. WIBALIN® RECYCLED is completely different. Thanks to its unique composition of 100% recycled paper fibres, its tensile strength and elasticity remain excellent. We can therefore recommend WIBALIN® RECYCLED without hesitation as a high-quality cover material.

The Martindale abrasion tester used to measure TOILE OCEAN

In some cases, using recycled content also improves the material quality. The book cover material TOILE OCEAN is woven from ocean plastic. The TCC's measurements have shown that as a result the material's abrasion resistance is extremely high. TOILE OCEAN is classified as very resistant and is therefore particularly suitable as a long-lasting, first-class book cover material.

The Technical Competence Centre not only provides data in the development of materials, but also regularly carries out quality controls and comparative tests. Would you like to know more about individual WRUP-CYCLED materials in comparison to other products? Let us know your needs. Our sales managers will be happy to help you.

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