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La storia di successo, nei 125 anni di WINTER & COMPANY, è merito delle strategie adottate dai nostri fondatori e dai loro discendenti. Come organizzazione consapevole e responsabile, ci muoviamo fra ambiente, impresa e società per sostenere la nostra struttura commerciale nel lungo termine. Per questo motivo, ci impegniamo a proteggere l'ambiente e ad utilizzare le risorse naturali in maniera sostenibile. Guidiamo la nostra azienda lungo un percorso di crescita vigile, creiamo condizioni di lavoro interessanti e investiamo sui nostri dipendenti.

Ecological Sustainability — Protecting the Environment

At WINTER & COMPANY, we understand that we have an impact on the environment through our activities. Upholding the relevant regulations and standards is, naturally, considered an obligation. With an integrated environmental management and judicious measures, we can reduce the ecological “footprint” of our products. Thus, the complete WINTER & COMPANY product palette fulfils the REACH conditions.

Above and beyond this framework, we encourage all divisions to uphold the highest ecological standards. WINTER & COMPANY is FSC™-certified and a member of the UN Global compact. All our environmental certifications are renewed every year and our employees are regularly and thoroughly briefed on newest developments.

Social Sustainability – Support and Challenge Employees

One of WINTER & COMPANY’s most important goals is to be a progressive and fair employer. A respectful approach, as well as high standards of employment, are very important pillars of this philosophy. Addition and further education are encouraged and supported, as well as internal opportunities for further training and advancement, whenever possible. Flexible working hours and conditions with adaptable schedules and a selection of part-time positions support our employees in the design of their work-life balance. Overall, we try to offer considerate and attractive work surroundings, which we continuously further improve and develop organisationally, with a careful eye on job security and long-term health.

Economic Sustainability — Building Long-Term Values

WINTER & COMPANY should remain independent, within family ownership and stay focused on their core competences creativity, guidance and distribution. The basis for a long-term oriented further development is the company’s financial independence. Quantified, that implies an on-going above-average high equity ratio, as well as a margin in line with the industry standard. We want to manage the required growth from within the firm, primarily by better coverage of existing markets and expanding into new geographic areas. Second, we want to encourage our growth through innovation and a further expanded product line. In all our enterprise goals, WINTER & COMPANY remains committed to: social responsibility for our workers, business partners and clients, ethical leadership, cultural and environmental responsibility and our local roots and global perspective. These are our obligations.



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