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20. January 2020

Welcome to WIBALIN® 2020

A collection of papers that reflects the world we live in; creative, diverse and capable of so much. WIBALIN® 2020 includes one new embossing, 21 new colours and the most sustainable WIBALIN® so far!

WIBALIN® Recycled is the latest and most sustainable addition to our WIBALIN® range – a 100% recycled, dyed-through paper made from 40% post consumer waste and 60% post industrial waste fibres.

WIBALIN® Stria is our new embossing within the WIBALIN® range.

WIBALIN® 2020 has 21 new colours! Explore all WIBALIN® 2020 novelties here.

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WOW is WIBALIN® 2020. Wow is 21 new colours. Wow is WIBALIN® Stria. Wow is WIBALIN® Recycled.


WHY is FSC™ Certified. Why is Vegan. Why is Dyed through and strong. Why is WIBALIN® Recycled - 100% Recycled (40% Post Consumer Waste, 60% Post Industrial Waste).


WHAT is packaging, bookbinding, offset, screen, stationery, print finishing.


WHEN is a 40-year success story. When is globally available from stock. When is UK next day delivery.


A selection of WIBALIN® 2020 with WIBALIN® Recycled, WIBALIN® Stria and the 5 new colours «Pumice», «Coral», «Mint», «Aztec» and «Olive».

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