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2. June 2020

Three New Resource-Saving Cover Materials

It is one of our goals that newly developed cover materials must comply with the principle: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Our latest product developments contain high percentages of recycled fibres and thus contribute to a circular economy.

Let's have a closer look at our three new resource-saving cover materials.

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ECOREL® PURE SKIVER has a latex-free base material, which consists of more than 50% recycled fibers (PCW). ECOREL® PURE SKIVER is recyclable, yet durable and easy to process. Due to the high percentage of recycled fibers it contributes to a circular economy.



WINTAN® VINTAGE  consists of 100% recycled leather fibres (PIW). The additives of a  bonding agent as well as tanning oils and fats are to maintain the real leather characteristics. The longevity and ease of use of WINTAN® VINTAGE ensures continuation of a circular economy. 



WIBALIN® RECYCLED is the latest and most sustainable addition to our WIBALIN® range – a 100% recycled, dyed-through paper made from 40% post consumer waste and 60% post industrial waste fibres.

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