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10. September 2018

Inspired by nature: Six products inspired by nature

For thousands of years, creative personalities have been inspired by nature. With its rich variety of colours, shapes and structures, it offers an inexhaustible pool - also for the creative cover materials from WINTER & COMPANY. Our following six brands show this in a particularly astonishing way.

In this article we would like to highlight six WINTER & COMPANY collections in which nature as a source of inspiration is particularly evident. They captivate with their textures and colours and often can hardly be distinguished from the «original». On the other hand, they are impressively simple to use and extremely durable in long-term use.






The dyed-through, thermo-reactive paper NAPURA® BAMBOA with the look of nature and the visual of bamboo in the finest detail. 


The WIBALIN® series is suitable even for the most demanding projects and gives packaging, bindings or other products that certain something.

WINTAN® Natural

The impressive leather fiber fabric (Lefa or Bonded Leather) consists of 85% recycled leather sections, which are produced during the tanning process and the sensory experience reminds strongly of the original.

PELLAQ® Iguana

The exotic look of the PELLAQ® series is inspired by fashion and looks amazingly similar to the original inspiration of exotic leather. The latex-saturated papers are available in various designs and colours.


CHAMEL® SELECTION, our high-quality polyester fabric, reminiscent of an elegant chamois leather and gives any application a luxurious character.


The similarity to suede makes SUEDEL® LUXE a coveted cover material for packaging with a luxury character.

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